Entrepreneur Takeover Entrepreneur Takeover is a  business podcast where we bring actionable advice from today’s most successful entrepreneurs.

We believe that technology is helping people launch businesses faster and cheaper than ever before. What used to take several hundred thousand  in start-up costs, can now be done with much less money thanks to technologies like Amazon Web Services, Google Apps and Dropbox. These technologies are cheap enough to power small teams and create new markets.


I have always been fascinated with entrepreneurship and while grinding towards a BS from Arizona State University, I had the rare opportunity to interview the founder of an extremely successful software business. In an hour I had learned far more than four years of formal “business” education. I set out to create a business podcast where I highlight resources, tips and actionable insight from today’s most successful entrepreneurs. My goal for the ET Community is to provide immense value to you, the listeners. If you have any suggestions or comments, contact me here.