How to Start a Podcast Today With Just $5

“Complexity is the enemy of execution“ -Tony Robbins

The start is daunting. You’ve probably found every excuse not to start.

Starting your own audio show has never been easier. Podcasting allows you to broadcast your audio show to over 800 million iTunes accounts. The best part is your show can easily be listened to on all iPhones since the Apple podcast app comes installed on all iPhones. Your show will be mobile ready from day 1.

Here are the most basic steps to start your podcast today. My only regret is that I started my podcast sooner!

  1. Download Skype for free. Skype is where you can record your interviews. You don’t need an external microphone right away but headphones are ideal to limit echoing.
  2. Download Ecamm call recorder for free. Ecamm’s software lets you record Skype conversations. Their 7 day trial is free. Afterwards there is a one-time charge of $29.95. Once you’ve recorded a Skype call, open ecamm’s “convert to mp3” feature to convert your movie file to mp3.  Ecamm software is only for mac users. Windows users can use Pamela software as an alternative.
  3. Purchase Libsyn Podcast Hosting for just $5. This is the hosting service that allows you to publish your content to iTunes. The iTunes Store require you to have a host. You will have a unique RSS feed from Libsyn. Libsyn’s service is great and they are the industry standard in podcast hosting.
  4. Edit your podcast in Garageband. Drag your mp3 file to garage band. You can make as many or as few edits as you’d like. Some of the best shows are raw. Garageband is only for mac users. Windows users can use audacity as an alternative.
  5. Submit Your Podcast to iTunes. iTunes needs to approve your show using the RSS Feed that we received from Libsyn. Go here for submission.

-(optional) Publish your podcast episodes to your website. I use WordPress and highly recommend it. Here is a free tutorial on how to setup your first WordPress website. Alternatively, Squarespace has a free 14 day trial!



  • Why a podcast?

-To inform, inspire, educate, network and tell good stories 🙂

  • Why should I start today?

-Zig Ziglar said it best, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

  • Do I need fancy podcasting software to start?

-No. Those are great, but it probably won’t help you execute today. Come on, today’s the day you start!

  • Can I sell my podcast in iTunes?

-No. iTunes only allows free podcasts. You can always have sponsorships on your show.

  • Do I need permission to podcast?

-Not really. You are the host! iTunes takes about a day to approve new podcasts though.

  • I really like video, should I do that too?

-No. Video production takes longer. Let’s face it, you probably won’t start today… You could eventually publish your audio podcast on Youtube.

  • Do I have to add an entire show series?

-No. add episodes as often as you’d like. It’s your show!

  • What topic should I podcast about?

-Write down five ideas each day and eventually you’ll have a topic. Some top shows like Joe Rogan and James Altucher are pretty random.

  • I still have questions. Where do I go?

-email me: blaine (at)

What’s holding you back?